Outdoor Blinds & Zipscreens

We offer a stylish range of Australian made outdoor shade solutions designed for privacy and protection all year round. Choose from our VEUE range of drop awnings, including straight drop awnings, wire and channel guide awnings, or the popular zipscreen awning with the leading Australian made z-LOCK® track system that can be made in widths up 7m with the Zipscreen Extreme offering an external solution to fit almost any area. 

Our range is available in high tear strength, blockout or semi-blockout fabrics that provide UV protection and are wind resistant and coastal approved. We also offer various motorisation, voice and smartphone control options. Our products are installed by our owner who is a qualified tradesman with over 25 years of building experience on the Northern Beaches. 

Whether it be an alfresco, pergola, veranda, or balcony, our shade solutions are the perfect addition for any outdoor entertaining area allowing you to indulge in open-air living all year round.

Zipscreen awnings

There’s never been an easier way to extend your home. Designed and tested in Australia, Zipscreen promises to unlock your home’s hidden potential, without the time-consuming stress and cost of traditional renovations. Enhance your space and create an outdoor haven for true relaxation and comfortable entertainment, hassle-free. From the summer heat to the winter chill, Zipscreen perfectly shields any alfresco, pergola, veranda or balcony, so you can indulge in open-air living, all year round.

The Ultra-Lock technology provides a unique fabric guide. Concealed within the channels, z-LOCK fastens the fabric securely, creating a strong smooth and streamlined finish. Tightly integrated, the zip-guided system ensures there are no gaps between the fabric and the channels.

Veue drop awnings

Our VEUE Drop awning range offers three different outdoor shading systems to suit a variety of applications. The VEUE series comprises of straight drop, wire guide and channel guide awnings. 

Straight Drop offers a simplified minimal solution which is secured at the bottom using a clip or strap. Suitable for a variety of external shade applications including sliding windows, doorways and undercover areas.

Wire Guide offers a discreet cable guided solution, great for floor to ceiling applications. Featuring a universal bracket to fix the base of the wire guide to the floor, face or recess. Wire guide also utilises the patented Ultra-Lock for semi-automatic locking with spring and gear controls.

Channel Guide solution features a slimline tension-free side guide, ideal for sheltered areas around the home.